Join Our Community

As an independent not-for-profit organisation we are highly dependent on the generosity of people like you. We began in 1988 as a small group of like-minded people who shared a passion for wildlife. With nurturing, this grassroots effort grew into the far-reaching emergency response and rescue service that is Wildlife Victoria today. We have seen the incredible results that come from collaboration and outreach, and we invite you to join our community as a Wildlife Victoria Community Fundraiser.

Wildlife Victoria welcomes fundraising registrations from schools, community groups, businesses and individuals. 

To become a community fundraiser, you can use the form below to fundraise directly for us. This is ideal for bake sales, markets, auctions, raffles, ticketed events and selling of goods.

  1. Fill out and submit the form with your contact information and fundraiser details.
  2. Wait to hear back from us (we will respond within 2 business days).
  3. Once you receive your fundraising E-kit, you can commence with your event. Have fun with your fundraiser!
  4. Once your fundraiser is complete, get back in touch with us to finalise the outcome of your event.
  5. Once the completed form and remittance are received by Wildlife Victoria a tax receipt will be emailed to the nominated contact via email

If your activity will be mainly online (e.g. using social media platforms to generate donations), you can use a crowdfunding site to create a digital fundraiser. 

This is useful for celebrations (e.g. donations in lieu of gifts) or activities (e.g. marathons, drives, or other peer-sponsored fundraisers).

Here are some crowdfunding sites our Community Fundraisers often use:



Click here to read our Wildlife Victoria Community Guidelines.

If you have any questions regarding fundraising, reach out to or call our office line on 0394450310